User’s call from different sites to tell you that your network is down or slow, but your monitoring system says they are up. This means you must waste your time and theirs discovering where the problem is or if there is even a problem at all.

What is PACKY?

PACKY is a distributed monitoring system, as opposed to a central one, with focus on monitoring network or cloud service performance from the user’s perspective. Multiple PACKY agents - be it hardware or software - are spanned across the entire enterprise, sitting on the same networks that the users are on, and perform multiple tests, as well as emulating what the user does via our customisable testing modules.

Proactive monitoring

The Packy agents log and graph the performance data and enable the network operator to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues, before the users even notice.

Reduce the numbers of calls

A problem that relates to every IT department whether it's an ISP, or IT company is when users call them about problems. Packy will reduce the number of calls dramatically, and will also reduce troubleshooting time.

Helps define location of problems

PACKY is not like traditional network monitoring. Monitor network performance from each site, and see where the problem lies.

PACKY is a cloud hosted service, which takes the complexity out of configuring network monitoring. Deploy our dedicated hardware agents or install agent software in record time.

How It Works



Login to dashboard and configure
which tests to run

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Deploy hardware and/or software agents at all
different locations
- no configuration required**

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Set and forget. All settings are controlled
via the PACKY dashboard

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  • Can I use PACKY to monitor […]?

    Chances are yes! Talk to us about your idea. PACKY is modular. It has a plugin architecture. There are many plugins on our roadmap and we can custom build plugins for you!

  • What exactly does PACKY monitor?

    The standard module pack includes Trace Routes, Pings , Internet Speed Tests, HTML and DNS response times.

    Other module packs are in the pipeline. These include tests to monitor CDNs / YouTube / Email and many others.

  • Why is it called PACKY?

    Weird but we are monitoring data PACKets

  • I have a site that is having network issues, can I put an agent there temporarily?

    You could, although the real value in this kind of monitoring is to have a bench mark of how the site network performs on a good day. This makes it easier to see where the problem is

  • Do you have a free version?

    Yes, a single downloadable software agent with the standard module pack is free.

  • How do I access the agent?

    The only time you’ll need to access the agent configuration is to activate it one time via it’s web interface.

    The agent box defaults to DHCP, with a static failover address of If your network doesn’t support DHCP, then you will also need to configure a static IP address via the web configuration page of the agent.

  • Do you have a Windows version of the agent?

    No, we support docker, so it should run ok, although we don't support this