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How It Works

Our network engineers wanted to eliminate unnecessary customer and user calls, and wanted to concentrate on providing a fast and stable network. To reach this goal, a new approach to proactive monitoring needed to be implemented.

Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti, and SmokePing are great monitoring tools. They were missing something important. The data they collect only shows metrics based on where they are installed. One option was to configure multiple distributed instances, which is terribly complex and not scalable at all.

Customers would call to complain that the internet was slow, some sites are slow, or their emails were not sending. We had no way of checking this without having the customer run tests for us, or remotely control their PC and run the same mundane tests that we always do.

After 2 years of careful design, and many failures, PACKY was born.

PACKY is designed to be easy, scalable, and reliable.