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PACKY is a cloud hosted service, which takes the complexity out of configuring network monitoring. Deploy our dedicated hardware agents or install agent software in record time.

Agent Setup

As soon as you connect an activated agent to any of your network sites, that agent will appear in your dashboard, labeled with the hostname of the device. From there, it will pick up the default configuration and immediately start monitoring your network’s performance with the rest of your agents.

Your Dashboard

This shows all your agents, their status, and their last connected times. From here you can see at a glance who is up, who is down, and who has potential issues. You can optionally configure each agent’s name and location, as well as restart, and update when new agent code is released.

At the top right you’ll find notifications. This is where you’ll see alerts such as route changes, agent down, and threshold alerts.

You can drill down into each agent and see the raw data reported from that site. This is represented in tabs. There is one tab for each module.

In the TARGETS section you will be able to compare any target metrics across some or all of your agents. This is useful to tell what sites are having issues and what sites are not.

Roll Your Own Agent

Having our dedicated hardware agent means you have some guarantee that the data is accurate, and that other processes installed on the hardware won’t interfere. It also makes deployment - and redeployment - a whole lot easier. It’s great to be able to ship a tiny box and instruct someone to connect it to the network.

As well as our hardware based agents, you do have the option to roll-your-own with our preconfigured install scripts. If you know how to copy and paste, then you are well on your way to installing your own PACKY agent. PACKY runs on most variants of Linux, but is supported on the following Operating Systems: