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Monitoring Solutions

Here are some common networks and monitoring ideas. There are plenty of ways to neuter a goat. We are happy to help design a monitoring solution for you.

Hub And Spoke

This is a cost effective topology that is typically used for an enterprise with small branch offices, and one head office where all the IT infrastructure is based.

Configure an agent at each of the spoke locations, pointing at the hub services as well as the external services as targets. If the enterprise has its own email server then configure the email module with the correct server settings.


Typically you will want to monitor your customers Internet experience as well as your core network paths. This is achieved by careful deployment of at least 2 agent types.

  • Configure a customer agent template with targets surrounding what represents a typical customers internet usage. Don't over do bandwidth intensive testing here as it could impact the customer experience rather than monitor it!

  • Create a second template for your core network. The agents using this template can be placed in your distribution layer, and will have targets configured for all the far reaches of your network. You could also carefully choose some external targets to traceroute to, so that you can monitor your route changes. Choose targets that don't drop all ICMP. Perform a manual traceroute to make sure.

The more agents you have, the better control you will
have over the performance and state of your network.

Scattered Sites

A scattered network topology represents multiple small networks most likely not connected directly, and probably in sparse locations with different Internet providers. These may be customers of an IT services company, or multiple branches of a large corporation.

This is a good scenario for a single template with all the business critical services configured as targets. This could include any business website, cloud storage, emails, etc. Use modules that test the actual service. We have many modules that will emulate many of these common services including dropbox file transfer, youtube streaming, and email transmission.


An enterprise WAN consists of connected offices in sparse locations. If all branches and sites have the same requirements then use one template configured with the appropriate targets. Depending on the VPN, you may need to apply custom module templates to each site, to make sure you can pin point VPN related issues over internet related issues. We recommend configuring each end of the VPN as a target manually due to the nature of encryption.